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From the inside out, the MiniMax® CH heater is designed for easy and reliable use. It features high efficiency, faster heat-up times and lower operating costs. Plus, its space saving, low profile design blends easily into the backyard decor.
• Fast, efficient and dependable heat-up comes from the Presslite™ millivolt ignition-for a safe, easy, matchless start every time…time after time.
• Economicaloperation comes from 82% thermal efficiency-more heat is generated per penny and directed right into your water instead of into the air. Key technologies include:
• Patented thermostatic bypass valve minimizes condensation-related calcium scaling to maintain peak heat transfer efficiency
• Ceramic fiber insulation prevents heat loss
• Intelligent internal controls sense water temperature and pressure to maintain optimum flow past the heating element…no overheating or under heating
• Dual thermostats provide precise temperature control without wasteful overheating
• With six models available, you can size your MiniMax CH to your precise heating needs-another key for high efficiency
All this performance comes in a space-saving, low profile design that blends into any backyard decor.

• Composite Header
• Precision Dual Electronic Thermostat
• Easy-to-Install CPVC bulkhead connections and reversible headers allowing direct PVC connections
• Standard balanced flue stackless top for outdoor installation
• Designed for high efficiency
• For indoor installation, see Indoor Vent Kits
• Low profile design with rounded corners
• The MiniMax CH Heater uses a flow valve that incorporates a molded plastic design and improves performance.

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